Happy New Year or something…

The amount of unexpected complications this year has been quite significant and it’s only 4rd January…

For instance, the day before yesterday my daughter blocked one of my SIM cards by entering a wrong PIN code (at least) three times. I was very angry back then, now I’m actually impressed. She’ll be two in a few days. You need to enter at least 4 digits and then confirm using a different button and repeat that at least 2 times. On a touchscreen!

Anyway, she did it while I was melting butter and chocolate to make a brownie, the oven was already heating up. Perfect timing… I managed to find the PUK codes to all my SIM cards but not this particular one. And obviously this one is used to confirm any operations (ANY! Applying changes, too!) on three Polish bank accounts plus one credit card. I checked what the current rules in the Polish banks were. One website suggested calling their hotline but otherwise making such changes would mean a visit in person. On a working day of course… I already checked flights in January from any nearby airport to any location in my motherland.

My to-do-list for that day

– accept your anger and remember, you DO want to keep the child (looking at her sweet pics sometimes helps me stay cool) 😉

– repeat many times: the greatest joys of motherhood are still to come, the greatest joys of motherhood are still to come…

– finish the brownie, it’s not possible to separate partially melted butter and chocolate…

My initial to-do-list for the following day:

– call the hotline of the bank

– contact the mobile company

– try to find the PUK code for the 4th time (there was still hope – it could have been in one specific wallet I couldn’t find that day)

Finally, I also checked my mobile company’s website and after logging in, there was a possibility of getting the PUK code but guess what – you had to confirm that with an SMS code… You could have changed that but the same story – an SMS confirmation first. Great, just perfect.

Eventually, I looked up on the screen and saw a new option – an online chat for the clients. Yes, it did resulted in getting the PUK and yes, it did save the evening to a certain degree.

I also managed to finish the brownie. However, I must have mixed something up with the recipe as the brownie tastes a little strange. I know all the proportions very well (it’s my own modification of a classical recipe!) but have not baked anything for several months.

These happened between 5pm and 7.30pm and the rest of that day was definitely not uneventful. When somebody says: „hey, but you have only one child”, I often feel like replying: „Yeah, I don’t think I would survive more”…

I’d better skip making the new year’s resolutions…

Happy New Year??


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